There are different ways to get traffic on your website paid, social and organic traffic. Paid traffic is quick but temporary, you will get traffic until you are paying. Whereas free or organic traffic takes time but remains for longer duration depending on the SEO you are doing on your website. In this blog post you will learn how to get traffic to your website if you have zero visitors.

How can i get traffic to my blog if i have 0 visitors

There are two traffic sources paid and free. Let’s understand both one by one.

Paid traffic

One can quickly get traffic to the brand new website by running the related ads. Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads are some different types of ad networks. First you need to sign up for these networks then you have to run a campaign by paying some money. A minimum Rs 100 to Rs 500 is enough to run ads but not sufficient to get the traffic. 

Not just one time you have to pay consistently a good amount of at least Rs 500 to Rs 1000  to get a good number of visitors to your site for once. There is no guarantee whether the visitors will return to your website after reaching through campaigns. Returning visitors ratio depends on the content quality and consistency.

Organic traffic

An average 6 to 8 months time is required to gain organic traffic for blogs or websites. Continue content publishing, correct on page, off page SEO needed for organic traffic. It is free traffic and no money investment is required to gain organic traffic. Patients and correct seo strategies required to gain organic traffic to websites. Time and consistent quality work is needed to improve the website authority.

Organic traffic is considered the best traffic to websites or blogs among different types of traffic.

Social traffic

A traffic that comes on blogs or websites after sharing the content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, reddit etc. It is also free traffic but not the best one however it adds a few good points in favour of website authority.  one must drive some traffic from social media platforms as well but remember only social media traffic is not worth it. Organic (more) plus social media traffic (less) is considered good traffic in which the ratio of organic traffic should be more than 80% to 85% rest can be driven from paid or social etc. 

Important tips for blogging

  • Patience for at least 9 months is the 1st rule of blogging.
  • In these 9 months try to learn about blogging and analyse your website as much as possible.
  • After 8 to 9 months you may get 15 to 25 or 30 visitors on a daily basis.
  • Be consistent, don’t overthink about correcting everything, don’t pay more attention during 9 months, only try to learn about writing and seo.
  • If you try to write the absolutely correct article you will never write, so just write whatever you can and things will get better with time.

After 9 months follow these tips

  1. After 9 months you will become a better writer.
  2. Now it’s time to maintain consistency which is key for any work.
  3. Start writing 1 post per day or at least 5 posts in a week.
  4. You will get some data in the google search console now, use that to improve traffic fast.
  5. Start editing 3-5 already written blog posts in a week.
  6. Regular editing is more important than regular writing. It’s 1st and basic SEO rule.
  7. Add tables in each blog post but at the lower middle of the page to get good marks at core web vital.
  8. Adding tables and videos in the lower middle portion allows the website to start loading quickly, it might get slow in the lower part but the user has got some value at the top.
  9. Always try to write to the point content for example give me water (correct), water should be given by you to me (wrong).
  10. Give the best value to your user and for that always answer at the top of the page.
  11. Justify your blog post heading in the content, mention the things clearly.
  12. Select the blog title wisely. More importantly, the blog title’s answer should be given at the top of the blog post don’t irritate the user by giving the indirect answer at the bottom portion of the blog.
  13. Always use h1, h2, h3 headings correctly.

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