How to start social media marketing agency from scratch

Yes, you can start a social media agency in 2024 from scratch. Follow some important steps given in this blog post to start a new social media agency (SMA) from scratch.

People who are looking for an opportunity to work from home (WFH) can try to start a (SMMA) social media marketing agency, no physical office is needed. Later, hire suited people and occupy an office for work. 

How to start social media marketing agency in 2024 from scratch

Select category on interest and experience basis

To start an SMM agency from scratch, first choose any of them: website designing services, website ranking services, web data analysis services or social media services according to your knowledge, experience, practice and interest.

If you want to give only social media marketing services then only start a social media agency don’t jump in multiple categories, first decide the micro category. 

Select your niche and services

After deciding a particular category, start approaching client’s. Be specific and don’t choose clients from multiple departments. You should be niche specific. 

Reach out to beauty parlours and cosmetic selling shops and companies if interested in cosmetics, hair style . Reach out to local dental clinics in your city. Decide the potential customers of a single niche, make the list and start reaching out.

Must have a website for business

Before starting an agency, get a website to show your product or services to your clients and potential upcoming clients. Think wisely invest some money and buy affordable price best hosting services for your business website. Websites are helpful for brand building, data maintaining, promotions and scaling the business. Use websites to release the latest notification related to your business and clients.

Set pricing of agency

After category confirmation, niche selection set the prices.

Social media agency pricing 

Some important social media platforms that are used for business brand awareness, product/services selling are: Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Reddit etc, all are used by social media agencies to grow their client business. 

Make a bundle of some social media platforms and set a pricing together or break them and set pricing individually. 

Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are popular among people and businesses. Create a bundle of social media handles Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, quote price between Rs 10,000 to Rs 25000 per month as per the client. Pricing also depends on the locality and client budget. If you live in a small town or rural area then start with Rs 5000 to Rs 6500 and for instagram reels, post + facebook post, you can also add YT shorts.

Instagram YouTube Facebook package

Dont offer a single service like only instagram or facebook marketing individually doing this will result in price reduction pressure from clients. So always offer your services in a package or bundle. 

If a client denies a package/bundle and wants only Instagram marketing then charge Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 per month as per the number of posts. Be clear and make a ppt or plain data mentioning the number of social media posts, reels etc and give a copy to the client as well.

Freshers having no experience to handle projects should not eye on money instead handling the project, delivering on time and quality should be their aim. So charge Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 in the beginning for handling only Instagram. It’s wise to offer a package containing insta + fb + yt and charge the money up to Rs 5000 to Rs 6500 per month. 

Pitch the client confidently with a ppt or proposal chart. Offer bundle containing instagram + youtube + facebook + linkedin + twitter. Explain everything deeply but don’t give over commitment. Always be calm, less committed and give more while working for clients. It will make the client feel satisfied resulting in an increase of client retention chances.

Rs 10,000 to Rs 15000 for a bundle is good after getting some experience of 2 years. Try to understand the client’s pain point, do proper research and offer as per clients mind set. Fix the pricing after getting details for the number of posts in a week. Put the agency package pricing clearly on the website so that the client can get a clarification.

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