Blogging future in India is good or bad after 2024 2025

Beginners don’t know whether the blogging future in India is good or bad after 2024 or in 2025. Some important facts are mentioned here explaining career opportunities in blogging. This blog tells you whether there is still a career in blogging or not?

In 2024 lots of actions have been taken from Google including google reddit deal, search style changing etc. We will try to figure out what these changes that indicates about the blogging future!

Yes, Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the working strategy and style of the biggest search engine Google. Especially after the chat GPT revolution google has made some big changes in the past few months.

Blogging future in India is good or bad after 2024 2025

In the past history we have seen Google has been doing changes to improve their search results for users which has kept them on top among other competitors such as Bing Microsoft. 

Some years ago the Penguin and Panda update was the biggest update implemented by Google to enhance user value. That update was about reducing spam and unhealthy content and improving the content quality which helped growing Google and also bloggers who were working genuinely.

March core update is one of the strongest and hardest updates which probably looks to improve the content quality, website optimization to give best user value. In this update Google strongly ranks down websites with keyword stuffing and copy paste content. This is still acceptable, bloggers are writing content, optimizing their websites and making some changes in their blogs and content with the hope that after removing all the keyword stuffing and some decent web optimization they will get their website ranking back.

March core update was strict but bloggers were not confused and were clear about their career so they were working hard to overcome the march core update. Unfortunately after the reddit deal and some other changes now bloggers are not sure about their career. 

Bloggers are getting confused whether they continue writing or stop writing on their blogs. Especially some small bloggers who started their journey 2 to 3 years ago. They couldn’t make good profit but continue with the hope that after a couple of years they may get good results.  

Most Indian bloggers came into blogging during lockdown or just after the lockdown. Thus the strength of 2 to 3 years experienced bloggers is more in India and worldwide as well.

What is confusing these bloggers is Google Reddit deal and recent search results in which only brands are shown on the top or on the first page. Let’s understand them.

Google search results hiding number of content publishes

Previously typing most keywords Google was ranking some small and big websites according to their content but recently a big change was noticed. After the Google reddit deal Google started ranking most reddit contents followed by Quora and others. When Google is not showing reddit content on top then some top brands like semrush, ahref and backlinko etc were shown on the top which is unfavourable for bloggers. 

Today I searched what is the next big thing after blogging and found no numbers shown by google. Earlier Google used to show the number of contents already published on the particular keyboard but now it is not directly showing or hiding the numbers. Now to see the number of already published content you have to click on the tool option given on the right side. 

While using the search option some mini tabs are introduced at the top. Reddit and quora platforms have given space in these tabs resulting in bloggers websites traffic diversion to these platforms. 

Google reddit deal $60 million

Google is the world’s biggest search engine at the moment and Reddit is a social media platform where people use to answer each other’s query in written form. 

The Google Reddit deal was signed recently in April 2024. As per the deal Google will give $60 million to reddit for allowing their content to train google search engine giants, artificial intelligence models. 

According to the deal Google will get access to the Reddit data application programming interface (API). API delivers real time, structured unique content from the social media platform. Google will use this data for its Artificial Intelligence improvement and training. 

Googles priority users not bloggers

Google’s priority is to give the best value to their user so that users should not leave Google search engine. AI has given some opportunities and options to establish their presence and decrease Google’s monopoly. 

Currently around 82% people are using Google search engine for searching any query and the rest are divided among other search engines such as Bing a Microsoft company search engine.

Conclusion – Yes, there is still a blogging career in India. However, the path has become difficult and in future it will become much more difficult. The path is becoming difficult not only for more people to enter but also Google competitors are giving tough competition to Google which is forcing this big search engine company to take some strict actions that might go against bloggers and most bloggers already facing downtime in their careers. 


What has replaced blogging?

Till now nothing replaced blogging However, AI has changed the blogging style and increased the competition in blogging worldwide.

Is blogging still relevant in 2024?

Yes, it is. However, the competition has grown due to more people entering and some strict actions taken by Google to manage its competitor.

What is the future of blogging after chatgpt?

It is true that chat GPT and artificial intelligence is changing the blogging style but there’s still a good future of blogging.

Future of blogging after AI?

Bloggers should not be threatened by AI instead AI is helpful for blogging.

Is blogging a good career in india?

Blogging gives good career opportunities with time. Also it is becoming difficult so it is always good to start blogging as a part time or side income with the job or other businesses.

Does blogging have a future?

Blogging is a game of patience which may take an average 3 to 5 years to generate regular monthly income. It is suggested to do the blogging as a part time job, do not rely on it. If you can do it with your job or business.

What is the future scope of blogging websites?

It is difficult to rank blog websites in 2024 and will become more difficult in 2025 and upcoming years due to AI and google competitors. Competitors are grabbing search space which is forcing google to work harder on self AI, deal with reddit type platforms resulting in loss of bloggers website ranking. Google’s intention is to retain old users and find new users in any case whether bloggers survive or not.

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