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What is google SEO manual penalty spam penalty misleading content penalty is shared. How to recover from google manual penalty, spam penalty and misleading penalty is explained in brief.

Latest Google Core Updates 

Google has given penalties to lots of websites, some are general and some are manual penalties. Through this blog post you can understand manual penalty, spam penalty and their solutions.

5 march 2024 update

On 5th March google rolled out update in a bundle containing 3 updates:

  1. Core update. 
  2. Helpful content update.
  3. Spam update 2024.

Spam update – Google is punishing expired domains websites and websites who are writing AI generated content on a very large scale.

Google seo manual penalty spam misleading content penalty solutions

Visit security and manual action tab then manual action to identify the websites affected with manual penalty by Google. If 1 issue detected page affected by an manual action written on top and in bottom pure spam is written beside a red mark it means the site is affected with the manual penalty. 

Don’t get confused between algorithm and manual penalty in algorithm penalty google does not give any message.

Manual penalty

The websites facing manual penalty for 2 specific reasons : Pure spam and misleading content. 

Pure spam penalty

As per Google, websites that suffer pure spam penalty generally don’t have good enough content to show in the search results. Blogging is becoming tough with the time. Still there is a good blogging future in India and in the world but for that you need to work hard continuously for years.

Content that is written for keywords only to rank a website and no user value is provided falls under pure spam. According to google guidelines some pure spam content examples are given below: 

Ai writers hired to write articles based on keywords no user value is addressed. People publish their content as it is without any correction or check for copied content.

Use of a plugin to write content that picks the keyword is pure spam.

Chat gpt used to write the content using extended keywords then pasting it on a website is pure spam.

A content with lots of grammatical mistakes, it is counted as spam. 

A translation tool used to copy content from English or any website then pasted on one’s own website is counted as pure spam.

A major part of content is copied from another website and made only a few changes like description change, title change, image change, few words changed and published on the website is pure spam.

Images, text and videos copied from other websites to your website are pure spam.

Youtube videos from other websites that are embedded in different categories are pure spam.

A page showing google ads or other ad networks ads more than content is pure spam. 

Cloaking trick use is prohibited. Cloaking means cheating, showing different content to google bots and different to users. A website shows more ads to users but less ads to google bots is a good cloaking example.

Themes and plugins countered pure spam web owner not aware

Sometimes innocent people also get trapped unintentionally. For example you use a plugin for other purposes but it has done something due to java script and google bot is not able to read the content. It is pure spam. Don’t take clicking casually if the right click option disabled on your website it is pure spam.

Some themes prevent reading the website content or some plugins that show the wrong image are counted as pure spam.

Those who are not writing their own content, copying others’ content and making very minor changes then publishing it on websites are getting a pure spam penalty.

The below given video is by google about pure spam.

Misleading content penalty

If the post title, H1, H2 denotes something and you are writing something that does not match with your title is misleading content. 

Be clever in the medical niche because you cannot claim to find the treatment of a disease instead say about the research only. 

Website analysis and records is compulsory

  • Maintain deleted plugin record, problem that plugin was creating, how many pages deleted and which pages you deleted. 
  • How many pages are republished.
  • How many pages are newly published.  
  • Note the differences between old and new published pages?
  • Give all these details to google if facing a manual penalty. 
  • Explain all the details after and before changing content to review the website for manual penalty.

Manual penalty reasons

The Google system generates the violating websites list. Then google employees manually check these websites and take action. Therefore it is called a manual penalty. Manual penalties are given on the whole website. 

People facing manual penalties have to remove the whole content. Editing some part of content will not resolve the problem. After deleting, publish new original written content and request google review. If earlier 550 pages were published all new 550 pages immediately publish not required instead publish slowly. Maintain the publishing time table publish 1 to 2 posts per day or 1 post in 2 days as per your working capacity.

Manual penalty drawback

If facing a manual penalty do the above given hard work only when your website is very old or you need the brand name. The truth is even after removing the manual penalty the website will not rank like it was ranking previously. 

1-2 years old websites which don’t have much work on that should delete the website and delete gmail. Book a new domain, new website and start working again on a fresh website. It’s true that after manual penalties usually websites don’t rank like they did previously.

Manual penalty solution

Give the domain transfer proof and reveal the purchasing date. Tell your website is a fresh new website and don’t have any connection with the old one. Mention domain purchase date from when you are creating fresh content. 

Create a new thread on google search community and provide details about your website. After that copy the thread link tag John Mueller and Search Leozone and send it on twitter. Search console community product experts team will check your site if it was given manual penalty by mistake then they will send it to google team. 

Kindly share the forum thread link with John Mueller and Search Leozone to increase the chances of penalty removal. These experts will also look into it and the penalty removing chances gets priority.

Wayback machine to check website reality

If you are confident your content is absolutely correct and got a manual penalty by mistake then visit the wayback machine. Wayback machine checks the domain history and confirms whether your domain name was booked earlier by somebody else with bad content or not.

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