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No semrush, no ahref, no moz, no ubersuggest required I will tell how to do crawling in seo with free website crawler. SEO becomes a bit difficult due to the need for paid tools. What if I will teach you some free methods and share free tools to do the seo for small and medium size websites having 500 pages. This post tells about free seo web crawler Screamingfrog and how to use it correctly.

Crawling in SEO is done to audit the website including blog and ecommerce sites. If you have a website of 500 pages or products then no need to purchase costly tools like semrush, ahref and moz etc. Use website crawler seo free tool screamingfrog and crawl up to 500 urls absolutely free. One can crawl a single or multiple websites multiple times. There is no limit for multiple crawling websites. After crawling with screamingfrog you can audit various errors like multiple h1 in same post, missing alt text, canonical urls, meta description, title, redirections like 404, 302, 301, broken links, internal external links and server error etc. After audit you can solve all the issues one by one.

How to do crawling in seo free website crawler Screamingfrog 

Website crawling is the part of on page seo, it is important to do on page, off page and technical seo correctly regularly to boost and maintain the website ranking. Beginners must know what is crawling and after that we will understand seo spider website crawler screamingfrog. 

What is crawling in SEO

Crawling means to check the complete website through tools. Premium tools like Ahref, Semrush, Moz, Ubersuggest, Github and screaming frog etc are used for crawling websites. In crawling the tools check website pages posts, title, mta description, alt text missing, anchor text, H2, H1, urls, broken links, backlinks, Canonical URL, non-indexable url and many more aspects. After identifying mistakes and errors it becomes easy for SEO executives to resolve the issues.

How to do crawling free

You can use screeningfrog free seo crawler tool. It is popularly called seo spider. It crawls up to 500 urls free of cost; it means it will crawl 500 blog posts or product pages free. So don’t worry while crawling a blog website or eCommerce website.

First download screening free of cost from Google then install the setup and run it. It has both free and paid versions. The free version has some limitations and paid has the widest audit functions.

  • After opening the seo site crawler tool screeningfrog put the website URL in the top URL box.
  • Select the sub folder option from the top bar and click start.
  • At the right top corner it will show counting from 1 to 100% in the green box.
  • Dialogue box will appear in the middle showing crawl limit reached, dont panic its free.
  • You can read in the box mentioning seo spider can crawl upto 500 urls only. 
  • You can crawl multiple websites and one website multiple times for 500 URS.
  • Look at tabs showing Internal, external, security, response codes, URL, page title, meta keywords, H1, H2, Content images Canonical, pagination, directives, hreflang, javascript etc.
  • All the tabs are important specially response codes tab is used frequently to identify multiple errors. 
  • Bottom tabs shows URL details, inlinks, outlinks, image details, resources, serp, snippet, rendered page, view sources, lighthouse details etc.

Screamingfrog SEO crawler tab functions

  • Internal – Shows all the urls when the below checkbox is marked all. Here you can check no index pages under indexability tab and reason for no index.
  • Select no index url then click url detail at bottom bar.
  • Page title – To check the page title length and details.
  • Meta description – Useful to check the pages without meta description and exceeding the length.
  • Response codes – To check redirections like 301, 404 and 5xx errors visit the response code tab. 
  • H1 – To check the number of h1 per page, it tells if any h1 is more than 1 time.
  • H2 -To check the number of H2s in the post. 
  • Images – It is for image seo to check image size, alt text etc.
  • Canonicals – To check the canonical pages.
  • Inlink – Shows the number of inlink pages.

Like this you can check all the tabs and find errors then resolve them one by one.

Screaming frog paid version has advanced features and no limitations to crawl urls, here you can check Screamingfrog pricing.

Conclusion – Now you know how a screaming frog tool is useful to crawl websites free of cost. You learned crawling in SEO is important to identify the errors and solve them. An audit can be done with a free tool as well.

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