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Are you doing SEO for a website or want more leads but not ranking on Google 1st page. Then must follow the off page on page SEO Search Engine Optimization checklist. Today I am talking about best practices and free tools for seo.

SEO search engine optimization is done to boost the ranking of websites through regular best practices. SEO keywords for related business along with best practices help businesses to rank higher. Best practices such as crawling website for errors, checking title length, correct meta description, url length, internal links, checking broken links, page speed, schema checkup, website structure checkup and core web vitals etc.

Myth – Most people think seo is only creating backlinks which is not true. Don’t run behind backlinks instead create internal links correctly.

On page SEO search engine optimization checklist

Do seo with basic steps in an organized way. It takes time depending on website size and structure. It is necessary to maintain a data sheet for daily tasks for your clients and for yourself as well. SEO for keyword research is also important. Some best seo tips are given below with brief explanations.


By checking robot.txt, .htaccess files we check if any url, file folder is blocked which is blocking pages to index.

Complete website crawling checkup

Crawling in seo is important to analyze the whole site. In this process some tools are used to crawl the whole website data to find errors and other important data. Crawling is done with the help of tools like ahref, semrush and screaming frog etc. All are paid tools also have free trials. I recommend screaming frog free version for beginners, it gives 500 urls/blog post to crawl free.

Indexing checkup

Technically all pages of any website are not indexed, so try to get index important pages. Find which pages are indexed, which are not and why not then solve.

Sitemap checkup

Important point is sitemap can create and solve indexing and crawling problems. If a page don’t have internal link, external link and don’t have place in sitemap then this page will not be crawl and indexed. Check if sitemap is properly created, accessible, opening or not, submitted in search console and has all important pages link or not.

Schema data

It makes easy for search results to understand web pages. If search results understands pages in good way they will rank pages easily. One can use multiple schema data but content should be visible to human visitors as well. Schema markup generator tool is used to create a schema.

Mobile friendliness test

This test is mandatory and imp. A website looks on mobile is indexed exactly same. Check header, footer, click, and other things properly working and visible on mobile view.

Canonical checkup

Canonical tags tell search engine to index 1 page (having canonical tag) out of 2 similar looking pages. Canonical means preferred, favorite its not duplicate. In simple words a favorite/preferred among similar things. Canonical tag page rank higher in comparison to other pages.

URL check up

Url is page address. Ahref, moz and SEMrush etc are useful tools to check urls for big websites.

Meta data checkup

Meta tags are insert in header to tell some imp info to search engine. Meta title, meta description, meta robots tag, og tags, twitter cards – check all these. (OG) open graph tags are for fb. After sharing your page by user on fb og controls and provides correct preview, description and title. Twitter cards work same as og tags but for twitter. Ahref, moz are useful tools to check meta data. Screaming frog tool is also useful for free checkup but with limitations.

Header tags

Only one h1 is needed, main keyword should be on h1,

Images checkup

Image seo is equally important to increase visibility and load correctly. So check image size, check images format, indexable or not, optimize for fast downloads, images alt attributes, use images near by related text sentence.

Internal linking

Imp – Don’t use same anchor text to link two different pages, don’t link same page twice, keep anchor text relevant, place links naturally

Page speed

It tells errors on pages and useful to optimize page speed by solving errors.

Off page SEO search engine optimization checklist

  • Register on google my business and regularly update the new photos of the related shop.
  • Check backlink profile.
  • Build only high quality backlinks.
  • You can start getting basic backlinks from sites such as quora, meadium and pixabay etc.
  • Check and remove broken links.
  • Share content on social media platforms to make google trust your site.
  • Create social media accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, you tube, Quora, reddit and connect all of them with website. This increases authenticity in googles eye.
  • Drive traffic from social medias, create pages also.
  • Start niche related content writing on quora and LinkedIn and aware people about your website. You can also slowly drive traffic to website.
  • Join local listings.
  • Start guest postings to related niche sites.
  • Collaborate with similar niche websites.

Conclusion – Off page on page SEO Search Engine Optimization checklists are given with briefing. This will help beginners and advance seo service providing companies as well. SEO optimization becomes easy after 2 to 3 years of regular practicing the above on page and off page checklist steps. Google seo becomes easy when following the checklist correctly and tools like ahref, semrush and screaming frog are helpful.

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