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Writing a blog or running an ecommerce store but puzzled how to do seo keyword research for blogs or e store websites. There are some ways to do keyword research for seo to generate leads and increase website traffic. Some paid and some free tips disclose to help you to do keyword research.

SEO means search engine optimization where search results are optimized through seo keywords. Hence, it becomes important to know how to do seo keyword research. Beginners are not aware of keyword research. They write blog posts and hope it will rank one day or launch E-Commerce stores and think they will get a lead some day. There are free and paid tools to do keyword research in seo. Google keyword planner, google search box are free to do research whereas ahref, semrush and moz are paid tools.

How to do seo keyword research

There are multiple ways to do keyword research in SEO, some are free and some are paid. For paid research you need to invest a good amount of money per month which most beginners can’t afford. 

What is keyword research in seo 

Beginners often gets confused and don’t know how to do seo keyword research? So, first they must know what is keyword research in seo and why it is necessary? Keyword research is done to boost the ranking of websites. If a person types seo freelancer near me and your website is having that keyword then there are chances to win the ranking. Some tools are used to do the keyword research, some are paid and some are free and about these tools their uses are told in this blog. Engine search optimization keywords help ranking blogs slowly, steadily and organically for the long term.

How to research seo keywords free of cost

Some good free tools are mentioned below.

Google keyword planner

To do keyword research for seo on page without paid tools is a big challenge, google keyword planner is best free tool. You can use Google keyword planner for that first create an account in Google ad. Dont worry you don’t have to run ads, only use this tool to research keywords in seo. It is one of the finest Search Engine Optimisation keyword research tools which is also used by experts, freelancers, startup digital agencies and established digital marketing agencies.

google keyword planner tool

It is a trustworthy tool because it is Google’s own tool so most people use it. This google keyword research tool is an effective tool especially for beginners and may give some good results but you can’t completely rely on it as it is a free tool. It shows average monthly search, 3 month change report, previous and current year change report, competition and bid range. 

The drawback is it shows competition in only high and low and doesn’t give any number for keyword difficulty so it’s difficult to pick the correct keyword with actual low competition.

Google search box 

Google search box is the box gear person used to type any query after opening the Google Chrome and believe me it is one of the finest ways to find search engine optimization keywords. This google keyword research tool is free of cost.

Free version of paid tools

Paid tools like moz and ahref offers free trial for some limited time period with some limited access you can use that taste the method.

Paid tools for keyword research

3 best paid tools to find google search optimization keywords are:




All of them cost around Rs 8000 to Rs 10,000 per month which is costly especially for beginners. If a person buys these tools from somebody’s link then they get a discount for the first month.

Conclusion – In this blog you learnt how to do seo keyword research for google engine search optimization. Use of some free tools like keyword planner and Google search box is explained along with 3 best paid tools names and prices like Ahref, semrush and moz is given. 

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