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Are you in 80% of people who don’t know how to do seo for website but want to get website to top of google. Don’t worry today I will tell you some important steps to boost your site ranking.

SEO for websites helps optimizing websites to rank on google 1st page on top position. SEO is divided in 3 types Off page, on page and technical. All need to be perform to boost the ranking. It is a long process and may take 6 to 8 months depending on the website size. Site audit, error finding and fixing, necessary implementations, indexing, page speed and mobile optimization etc are done in seo.

How to do seo for website step by step

Before doing seo one must know what is seo and its types. 

SEO meaning

Full form of seo is engine optimization, meaning to optimise a website or channel for search engine searches. Google is the most popular search engine. Most people use Google Chrome to search and only 3% people use Bing, which is the second most popular search engine after Google. Most people don’t know how to get website to top of Google and they reach a seo service agency/freelancer. 

To rank a website or to make a website visible on search engine seo Search Engine Optimisation is done. When people search or type  any keyword on Google relative to their business or general query some well seo optimized websites come on Google first page top position. To get website to top of Google, a very good seo is needed. In simple words seo is done to improve google search ranking of a website or youtube channel.

Once you know what SEO is and why it is done. Now explore its types and how to perform it.

SEO types

There are three types of SEO

On page seo.

Off page seo.

Technical seo.

How to perform seo to rank on google top

To perform an seo audit is required first. It looks lengthy and very difficult but after some experience it becomes easy because the similar steps are implemented for every website. However some steps may differ according to their structure and website platforms. If you are doing SEO on your own website or doing it for a client you have to perform 3 steps on page, off page and technical. Let’s understand how to perform them step by step.

1st step is to do on page seo then start technical and before ending technical start off page parallelly.

On page off page seo checklist

On page seoOff page seo
Find and identify target keywords.
Title tag Optimisation.
Write headline in H1 tag.
Write click boosting meta description under 160 characters.
SEO friendliness URL slug. 
Add target keywords to body content. 
Use header tags like h3 for sub headings.
Internal link navigation improvement required.
Adding engaging visual content is beneficial.
Apply schema markup to help crawlers.
Review quality of content. 
Check page indexing.
Increase page speed.
Make sure the page is mobile friendly.
Link building. 
Content marketing.
Local seo.
Social media.
Mention marketing.
Public relations.
Guest postings.
Brand mentions.
Cold emailing.
on page off page seo checklist given in the table.

Technical seo

  • No accessible pages to search engines are made accessible.
  • Website speed and mobile friendliness. 
  • Crawling and indexing.
  • Good inlinking needed.
  • Organize all the pages in logical hierarchy.
  • Link home page to category pages, category pages to individual sub pages.
  • Submit xml sitemap.
  • Check indexing.
  • Noindex tags.
  • Canonical tags.

Additional technical seo

  • Use https.
  • find and fix duplicate content issues.
  • Make sure only one version of the website or https:www:// is accessible to users and crawlers. Both versions created duplicate content. 
  • Improve page speed.
  • Ensure the website is mobile friendly. 
  • Use breadcrumb navigation.
  • Pagination.
  • Review robots.txt file.
  • Structure data.
  • Find and fix broken links.
  • USe hreflang.
  • Seo checklist is required for good audit.

Conclusion – Now you know how to do seo for websites. Some simple steps are given to start the seo from beginning on your own website or clients website. On page, off page and technical seo points are mentioned here.

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