3 tools Schema markup generator structure data testing tool

Schema seo is important in on page SEO. It directly not improves the ranking but helps in improving the ranking. Schema markup generator, rich results test and structure data testing tool are 3 imp tools. This post tells you how to check schema in your website, how many schemas are implemented, how to generate schema structure and some testing tools and the differences. 

SEO Schema markup generator is a tool used to generate schema. Whereas the rich result test tool tests the generated code. After generating the code it is necessary to check that code. Structure data testing checks the number of schemas on a website. There are various schema markup generating tools including Google schema tool. I will definitely suggest you the best one but it’s your choice to select any of them. 

SEO Schema markup generator structure data testing tool

Google structured data testing tool is available on the internet. Most of seo schema tools are free to use. Schema does not increase the website traffic or site ranking however it helps in rank increase, it is a part of on page seo. One must know how to do search engine optimization to boost site ranking on search engines.

Schema is generated in JSON-LD code which helps Google bots to understand the content and website structure more easily. When Google crawlers understand the website’s structure and content easily they come to the website and take less time to index automatically resulting in good ranking. Remember one thing content is the king so content must be good and original.

Before implementing a schema code on your website two important tools are used, one is to generate schema and another checks the generated schema code whether working fine or not. Finally implement it in the particular page or homepage.

3 steps to implement schema on website

  1. Schema markup generator tool. 
  2. Rich result test tool. 
  3. Structure data testing tool.

First use schema markup generator tool 

Type on Google schema markup generator tool you will find some websites on top position click any of them. Schemas are generated in JSON-LD form. 

  • Select article, breadcrumb or any type from the drop down.
  • After selecting any type you have to paste the URL of the particular page in which you want to implement the schema.
  • Once you submit important info including url It will create a JSON LD code.
  • Copy that code and go to the rich result test. 

Rich result test tool

  • Type rich result test on Google.
  • Among url and code select code.
  • Now paste JSON LD code.  
  • Google inspection tool smartphone should be selected.
  • Now, click on the test code.
  • If the code is generated correctly then it will show a valid item detected.

Structure data testing tool

This tool tells about how many schemas a website has. This tool is used after creating schema markup in JSON LD code and rich result tests. After these two tools finally a structured data testing tool is used to identify the number of schemas implemented on a website.

  • Type on google structure data testing tool.
  • Now click on the schema markup validator.
  • Dialogue box open showing test your structure data. 
  • Enter URL under fetch URL. 
  • Now click run test.
  • It will show the number of schemas implemented on the website.

Schema types

There are more than 36 types of schema but 10 to 11 schema types are good enough according to page need. Some of the important schema types are article, breadcrumb, event, how to, job posting, local business, organisation, person, product, video and site link search box. Earlier FAQ Schema was also used in ordinary websites. As per google update only government websites should use FAQ schema so don’t use that on your personal blogs or professional websites.

You can use the schema markup generator tool for shopify schema or putting schema in WordPress or any other other custom coded websites like react website. Shopify schema settings are comparatively difficult to WordPress so you may need a developer.

Conclusion – Today you learned about schema markup generator tool, rich result test and structure data testing tool. All are important to add schema in website, generating schema JSON LD code and check the code before adding on website. 

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