How to start a blog websites for writing to make money from home

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If you are a beginner and searching to start a blog website for writing purposes then I will solve all your queries today. I will tell you the practical platforms step by step from which you can create a blog very easily. 

How to start a blog websites for writing to make money from home

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms to make money online. To start a blog website you need to approach three steps. 

  1. Choose a domain name.
  2. Choose reliable hosting.
  3. Pick wordpress or blogspot.

Choose a domain name

To create blog websites domain name is required and without domain name you cannot create a website. Before selecting any domain name Niche selection is required. Niche means a topic around which you want to write content in your blog websites.

You can see the domain names at the top flat url bar just before domain extensions such as .com, .in, edu, .net etc. Domain extensions represents country and platforms for example .in denotes India, .com is for world, .edu denotes education, .nz denotes New Zealand, .us denotes United States and .org denotes organization. You can choose any extension as per your target audience. However .com is a top level domain and preferred by many google bloggers. 

Name cheap – It is a  reliable and trustworthy domain buying platform from where people use to buy domains for blog websites. Simply type the selected name in the search box of namecheap platform and if available then pick it or search next name. 

Hosting services

After buying a domain name you need a hosting service, you cannot purchase hosting service before having a domain name. Hosting is a platform which manages the necessary files and data of a website and it is required to run a website smoothly. In simple words domain + hosting = website. 

WordPress blog

I recommend you to pick a WordPress platform and avoid blogspot to scale your site professionally. Blogspot or blogger has unnecessary technical and coding problems which delays your writing and people often get puzzles to solve queries whereas WordPress gives a very smooth and ready platform along with free plugins. Let’s understand all the above one by one. 

After purchasing hosting and domain name wordpress as installed on the hosting platform. Thus your website is formed like and after activating ssl certificate your website url will be  

You can watch the given video to understand all these steps easily. 

Blogging overview

Now let me share how you can make money by writing content. Once your website is completed it’s time for content creation. Content can be in any form including writing, images, video and audio etc. To earn money online via a blog, website bloggers usually apply for some ad networks and they get sponsorship as well.

AdSense is one of the most popular ad networks among bloggers because to apply for AdSense you don’t need a huge traffic on your website.

Although it is true you cannot earn good money from AdSense unless you don’t have good traffic. So it is advised to increase your traffic first and then apply for any ad network. You can read this too the point blog post on how to get 1000 visitors per day.

In order to get approval one must follow the best practices of Google AdSense and only apply after writing 25 to 30 blog posts.

Once you achieve a huge traffic, sponsors will contact you on their own. You don’t need to do anything to approach them. They will ask you to advertise their company name and provide you a poster or banner to place on your website’s pages/posts. 

Remember, blogging takes time. It is like a small plant which needs years to  become a tree and produce fruits. For that you need to regularly fertilize and give water + required nutrients to your plant throughout the years. Similarly you need to take care of your website and regularly write original content.

Just content writing is not enough to grow your website as a tree. You need to solve the errors which will show from time to time on your Google search console. Back linking is also important to grow the website authority. But don’t ever forcefully make the backlinks from un relevant and untrusted platforms. 

I hope you got enough ideas to start your first blog website. I highly recommend starting with a WordPress blog to go smoothly. My advice is don’t start blogging for money however you need money but your first intention should be problem solving for your users.

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