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Website development course video

Website creation course and video also shared here to make you understand easily. Website development is not as difficult as people think. However, web design was difficult earlier but it’s a digital era going on and you just need to know the correct platforms required plugins and how to fix the correct things in the correct places.

Don’t worry I will teach you how to design websites without coding. To enroll in this web development course you have to fill out a basic form and after filling out the form you will get confirmation by email. People who will join our course will get a website development video course link and 1-3 hours special live online class.

It will be your choice to show your face or not in a live session. You can hide your face and mute your voice as well. Moreover, the website designing course video will be in the Hindi language.

How to enroll in the course – Confirm your seat by paying Rs 205 to my number which I will share you on call/whatsapp/email. After payment you can fill out this form to enroll in the website development course or simply email us at daddyblogs100@gmail.com or aspbeginner@gmail.com along with your contact details.

WordPress website designing course video

In this web development course, you will learn the following.


New domain purchase – A fresh new domain purchasing is taught practically and you are reading this content on the same website known as daddyblogs.in. 

Domain purchase platform – A good platform from where you can purchase a domain easily is shown in the video. The buying process is practically explained and the same will be explained in the live session as well.

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Hosting purchase and platforms – How to purchase genuine trustworthy hosting is explained practically. The best platforms from which you can buy hosting are shown and explained practically. 

Hosting domain setup – How to configure your domain name with hosting is explained practically in easy language. 

WordPress installation

After purchasing hosting and domain WordPress installation and website configuration is explained practically to achieve a responsive web design. 

Website Designing

How to design websites is explained practically in easy language. To get a responsive web design a good theme and structure are required along with the necessary pages. Lightweight theme installation and the making of some important pages are explained in the website course.

Homepage – The home page design is explained in brief. 

Other pages – How to create pages like privacy policy, about us, contact us, terms & conditions, and disclaimer are explained.

Article Publish

How to write and publish your first blog post is explained. After publishing how the content goes live is shown practically. 

Live session 1 to 3 hours

To help you in making your 1st responsive website live I will explain all the above steps practically again in a live session as well. The live session will held on Sunday and you will get information in your email after enrolling in the course. Apart from this, I will share the blogging truth and some premium SEO tips to get a ranking at the earliest. 

I will also explain how long it will take to get 1,000 visitors per day on the website. Apart from Google ad networks, I will tell you about some more ad networks. How much money you can earn via ad networks when to apply and some tricks to get chances of Google AdSense approval. 

Affiliate – When and how to start affiliate marketing and some best affiliate platforms will be discussed in the session. 

Sacrifice your 1-day burger to enrol in this website creation course. 

Get hosting and domain at a discounted price.

Please watch this video till the end in which I have shown the WordPress development course overview with some screenshots to give you the course idea. 

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