What is domain and hosting in website explained in simple words

domain hosting

Domain is the name and address of the website. Whereas hosting is a server service provider that manages the files of the website.  

Domain and hosting in web designing is needed and without both a website can’t be created. Domain + hosting = website. 

What is domain and hosting explained in simple words

Domain and hosting difference is explained below in easy language.

Domain meaning

Domain is a name and address of a website. You can see the domain name at the top URL bar while opening any internet browser. After opening Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Bing or any browser, entering in any website a thin bar can be seen above. Whatever is written on that bar is known as a URL. The URL full form is a unique resource locator and it is a unique address of a website. URLs are not similar to 2 websites; all websites have unique urls.

If Sonali wanted to sell her restaurant’s food online then she needed a website. To build a website it is necessary to buy a domain first then hosting. Some domain examples are .net, .edu, .com, .in, .org .us, .nz and .ca etc. All these are known as domain extensions and once the name is placed before them for eg sonalifood is placed before .in like sonalifood.in, it will become a domain name. If Sonali wants to sell a product to an Indian audience then .in domain extension is good for her. Here .in resembles India. However she can use .com, .net, .org as well.

Sonali can pick the name as per her choice. For that she needs to check the name availability on the domain name booking websites like name cheap. She can choose the name Sonalidhaba.in, Sonalimumbaidhaba.in or .com or Sonalifood.in etc. She may choose a specific food category like Sonalipanpuri.in. Where she is selling only pani puri related stuff and this is called micro niche.

One can buy domain names directly from namecheap and crazy domain websites. In case to get a better discount you can buy the same from anyone’s link. Domain price begins from Rs 350 to Rs 750 or more accordingly.

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Hosting meaning

To work properly a website files needed services of a server and these services are provided by hosting companies. Server services are much more costly than domain names therefore they are taken on rent. Individuals, small, big companies and organizations all take servers on rent. You might have heard that the server is down in any cyber cafe or bank. It happens when suddenly the huge traffic comes on the website or someone has taken a very bad and cheap performing website. Performance of the server is based on which kind of hosting services you are using. Therefore it is necessary to do good research before purchasing hosting services. Do not get trapped in the cheap hosting prices.  

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Some best hosting services names are Cloudways, Green Geeks, Blue host, Big rocks, A2 hosting and Hostinger. In the last 5 years I have used 3 hosting services: Greengeeks, Cloudways and Hostinger. No doubt cloudways is the best hosting service worldwide. Their customer support solves many error and server based queries which other hostings customer supports do not solve. Moreover their servers perform better and are much faster than others. 

Cloudways is a bit more costly than others and you have to pay around Rs 12000 yearly. Other services are available around Rs 6000 to Rs 7000 yearly. After cloudways I found Green Geeks a better service than hostinger however hostinger is the cheapest among them but has some issues. Their customer support is very very slow and they directly ask for money as well for solving server based queries which I got solved on cloudways free of cost in no time. Apart from this hostinger also performs decently in comparatively other cheap services. 

So if you can spend money on good servers then you must go with cloudways. However, beginners can choose greengeeks and hostinger services. There is not much difference between hostinger and Greengeeks prices so don’t get puzzled and pick Green Geeks first, green geek also has fast customer support.

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