What is hosting and best WordPress hosting services

Hosting is a service and place where website files are kept and managed. It is a server service provided by hosting services like green geeks and cloudways etc. 

Quick summary– Hosting is a service that provides server on rent to websites, cloudways and greeb geejs are best hosting services.

What is hosting and best WordPress hosting services

Website files need server services and these services are provided by hosting companies. In comparison to domain names the hosting prices are much more, hosting is taken on rent. Due to the huge cost and management it is not possible to buy servers. Servers are  provided on rent by hosting companies. 

Organizations, individuals, small and big companies all take servers on rent to make their websites run smoothly. Before hosting services domains need to be purchased. Domains are easily available at various platforms like Namecheap and crazy domains from where you can book and purchase them. Once you have purchased a domain name and taken a server on rent from hosting services. Now it’s time to choose a platform for website creation. WordPress is the best platform for launching websites trusted by small and big companies, individuals, and organizations. 

Professionals can avoid publishing websites free of cost on platforms like blogger.com or any other free platforms. Bloger.com platform is bit complicated and some coding is required for small changes and edits. Whereas WordPress is easy to edit, no tough coding required and plugins makes work more easier. However, good learnings can be achieved in free platforms as well.

Free platforms don’t have full control and your website may collapse for any google policy violation. These free platform’s may be controlled by Google or some other big giants. To get total control of your website one must use a paid platform such as WordPress. WordPress websites are highly secured and managed by WordPress, a person has all the access and control on his/her website. On the other hand, free websites built on a free platform can be easily hacked or terminated.

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Good hosting plays an important role for website ranking. When traffic increases suddenly one can quickly upgrade the hosting plan for more space on servers resulting in traffic handling smoothly. This could be done easily on the WordPress platform. Whereas, cheap hosting services or free hosting services do not provide such facilities and they often crash during high traffic.

You may have faced the server down problem in the cyber cafes. The server may down for government websites as well, although govt websites are built on good platforms. Huge traffic is the reason sometimes servers get down. In cheap websites the server often crashes during huge traffic and they dont have a complete backup of your website files. 

Good hosting services provides a full backup of your web files and articles. Somehow, your website faces bugs and some of your blog posts get crashed or deleted by mistake. In this case good hosting services always keeps backup of your website data and restores everything smoothly. They also recover the deleted data by restoring the site on the back date.

It is recommended to never get trapped into free or cheap hosting services. If you want to do your work professionally then  you must invest some amount on your business i.e. website. People must treat their website as a company. In the past flipkart and amazon were also small websites now they are big companies.

Best wordpress hosting services

Some of the best wordpress hosting services are cloudways, greengeeks, a2 hosting, big rocks and hostinger. I have used 3 hosting services in the last 5 years so I can definitely tell you about pros and cons of all the used services. Let’s explore them one by one.

Cloudways hosting

It is one of the best hosting services I have ever used. It provides fast speed to websites due to cloud technology. In cloud technology if any person searches about your website content from America. Then this technology will automatically create some servers near that person in America. 

This reduces the data travelling distance resulting in fast speed. In other hosting cases if a person is searching something from America and your website is in India then the data travelling time will be slightly more due to America to India travelling distance. 

Apart from speed cloud ways has a very good customer support who solves most server related queries in the given time. The cloudways price is a bit higher for beginners. In order to get a concession on cloudways hosting one must buy the service plan from a person’s link who already used cloudways and doing affiliate marketing of the same.

Green geeks 

It has a good speed, good customer care support and lower price than cloudways. Hostinger is the cheapest hosting service, by investing a bit more amount one can get green geeks which provides far better performance and customer support.

After having own website you can promote your store, businesses, services such as social media marketing etc.

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