How to create websites to write blogs in Romania | How to make a wordpress website in 2024

If you live in Romania and are thinking of making money online with minimum investment. I would suggest you make websites to write blogs in Romania or any other country.

Writing blogs is one of the most easy and efficient ways to earn money online. Simplicity of this online work is you don’t need high investment and effort, permission or licence from any government or any authority. For writing blogs you need only a website, that’s it. 

Website monetization criteria to earn money

The website is monetized by placing ads on the website to generate revenue and you don’t have to pay any money to place the ads. Only good writing is required to get ad networks approval, some best ad networks are AdSense, monumetric etc. These ads are shown in the website content ad might show at the top, in between paragraph lower middle or bottom as per your manual setting. They are also automatically placed by AI systems.

Website monetization criteria is simple. One need to write few blog posts at least 25 is recommended. However, people also get the AdSense approval in 15 blogs but they are only some people. Write original content, don’t copy and paste others content instead make it fresh and sensible in your own style.

Now it is clear that you can earn money through websites by having ads on them. This is the basic and simplest way to earn money through websites. There are some other options like affiliate and sponsorship to earn money. Let’s first understand how one can get websites to write blogs in Romania. 

Websites to write blogs in Romania

Although website creation is easy nowadays but need some basic information. If you are hesitating in creating a website then you should check this website creation course. 

The 2 required things needed for a website are domain and hosting. In easy language we can say domain + hosting = website. Apart from domain and hosting a platform needed for web installation. These platform’s are WordPress, shopify, wix, Godaddy, weebly, squarespace etc. WordPress is the most reliable, trustworthy, professional and easiest platform among all of them. No coding is required in WordPress and after creating a website anybody can easily handle the admin panel.

Domain name meaning

Domain names are the names of websites such as,,, etc. Dot com (.com), .edu, .org etc are domain name extensions. Adding anything before these extensions becomes a domain name. 

.Com represents the whole world and is a top level domain Whereas .in represents India, .ca represents Canada and dot us represents the United States. Thus one can pick different domain names and target different countries or target the whole world. One must remember domain names can’t be changed once purchased. So be prepared while buying the domain names. 

Domain price

Domain name price depends on the buying time and platform from where you are buying them. Name cheap is a worldwide famous domain selling company from where anyone  whether they are organization, company or individual can purchase domain names online. Domain name price varies between $8.45 to $12 or more. 

One can get a good concession while buying a domain name during Black Friday deal which takes place every year November to December. It is not compulsory that you will 100% get a discount on black Friday deals on domain buying. While buying domain names through any bloggers link one gets a good concession due to affiliate.

Hosting services

Hosting services provide server space to the website files and data. Good hosting services are very necessary for a website to work and rank on the first page. Cheap and bad hosting services may result in no search ranking of the websites. Good hosting services provide good bandwidth, speed and service space to websites which helps increase performance. Good servers can easily handle huge traffic whereas cheap hosting services often fail to handle big traffic. 


Cloudways is the best hosting service that provides the fastest server at affordable prices. I have used cloudways and still use it on my websites. I recommend my viewers and to all people who are willing to purchase professional hosting services must use cloudways once. Good live customer support with a problem solving attitude is available 24×7. They easily solve server level basic problems which might be big for ordinary users like you. Apart from cloudways another good hosting service worldwide is greengeeks. Without any hesitation you must pick one of them. 

GreenGeeks hosting

Greengeeks is affordable with excellent website speed. It is another reliable hosting service available world wide. People from UK, US often uses this hosting service. Customer support available 24×7 with immediate response. They also solve basic server errors which saves a lot of time of website owners. You can get handsome discount on GreenGeeks hosting now.

Hosting services prices

Cloudways price – This platform provides monthly paying options as well. If you do not like the services you can withdraw the services after 1 month or 15 days also. For one month you need to pay at least $10 to $12. Good thing is that you can pay them after a month, advance payment is not required. It is like a postpaid bill. For 1 year around $120 to $144 is charged in cloudways depending on the server usage by the client. 78 USD is required to pay greengeeks server services for a 1 year period. 


WordPress is the best website platform. After purchasing hosting and domain it is necessary to install WordPress which is easy to install in some clips. You can learn here about how to install WordPress and websites. Websites are very costly in European countries in comparison to Asian countries. 

Nowadays it’s easy to create a website without coding language. I have already explained how one can create a website. You can visit my other post containing knowledge about website creation course video

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