When and how to get 1000 website visitors per day

1000 visitors per day

For beginners, it is difficult to get 1k traffic per day organically without running ads but it’s not impossible. It will take time because blogging is a university where you have to learn a lot.

People who are not from a blogging background should work consistently for 8–12 months as blogging is a university. At least 8 to 12 months are required to learn and explore various things like SEO, analytics, funnels, organic traffic, google search console, backlinks and many more.

People from America, and Britain may have learned blogging in schools or colleges but in India, it is not taught in the schools. The scenario may change someday when the Government recognises startups and job opportunities in blogging.

Bloggers today’s situation is puzzling in India because it is difficult to explain our job to our family. Family members believe that we are doing nothing especially when someone is starting the journey and sitting in front of a laptop the whole day, later money speaks.

When and how to get 1000 website visitors per day

I have 5 years of experience in blogging but this is my fresh blog and second post only. Before this, I created multiple websites on my own and wrote various blog posts in different niches including sports, science etc. 

You can also easily create a website by yourself after getting my website development course for just a burger price. The bonus is I am also giving a one-hour free live session with the course in which I will help you to buy a domain and hosting, create a fresh website and clear your doubts live.

Here is my first tip for you: always start blogging with your interest and later switch to other niches. I am passionate about sports and greenery so my first blog was in sports 2nd in nature and year by year built many more. I have started a blog niche website after 5 years because now I am confident, I have some knowledge to share with you. 

Moreover, I was not getting time to write in my other blog posts now I have hired some content writers who are doing writing stuff for me. 

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My 1st mistake is I started working on more than 1 website very soon so it took lots of time to rank my 1st website. For 8 months I have seen only 2-3 visitors to my greenery site so it is also important to select a good niche or select a niche of your interest. Later I understood that I love greenery but having a lack of knowledge still I continued writing on it by doing very hard hustle.

Tip 3 is don’t think about how to increase website traffic in the beginning, instead keep writing with good research no matter if you love it or not but prefer your choice first. I hardly do any keyword research on my sports website but rank most of the time due to my in-depth knowledge and passion for sports. 

I want to share my learning experience with you guys because I was you 5 years ago, simple. 

You may not have heard the word “NICHE” before as I haven’t heard this word before entering the field of blogging. Basically, it means subject. Some niche examples are science, finance, sports, agriculture, business, food and travelling etc. 

How to get 1000 visitors per day

Now I am sharing my personal experience on how to get 1000 visitors per day. I request you to read the complete process carefully and implement it practically day by day to achieve 1k visitors.

  • Before niche selection pick a blank paper and pen and start writing at least 15-17 different topic names in the same niche. If you win then select that niche only.
  • Select simple, short, relevant and catchy domain names.
  • Select the best hosting.
  • Don’t become stingy in investing in a good hosting & domains otherwise you may pay later.  
  • Some of the best service providers are Cloudways, Site Ground, Green Geeks, Hostinger, A2, Bluehost and Bigrocks. Most hostings are pocket friendly and to get a good discount on domain and hosting feel free to use my link given at the bottom of the post. 
  • Remember content is the king and you will win one day while writing original content regularly.
  • Follow Google trends for fresh content.
  • Try to share your personal experience. Don’t change your niche again and again.
  • Don’t run behind backlinks till 30 blog posts.
  • Do proper keyword research on google search box (free). I have explained the keyword research premium technique in my website creation course as well.
  • Don’t invest in costly paid tools like Ahref, Semrush & Ubersuggest etc in the beginning. You will lose money because you need time to understand their use and tricks.
  • You may Install paid speed plugin for speed but after writing 80-100 posts. Till then use free cache plugins such as lite cache.
  • If you will buy a good hosting like Cloudways you will face a very good speed due to their cloud server facilities. So if you can invest then invest in premium hosting like Cloudways otherwise purchase hostinger (Indian) which is pocket-friendly. 
  • Don’t ever use Elementor or any other page builder heavily, they will reduce your site speed. Instead,, use lite themes such as generate press and create a simple home page with fewer columns. 
  • These are some basic steps which are compulsory for steady growth. Must practice SEO regularly for regular organic traffic. If you have good money then only try promotions plus paid ads for instant but temporary traffic. Investing Rs 500 to Rs 1500 is a waste in the beginning because you don’t know how to run ads and how to manage ad campaigns so avoid it at least for 1st year.

SEO is important to get organic traffic 

SEO – for organic trafic (regular traffic)

Check – Regularly Google Analytics and Google Search Console for errors and updates. Check – Google Analytics for insights about your traffic. 

Search console – After 6-8 months it will show important keywords so wait till 6-8 months. 

Backlinks – Gov sites, image sites and Wikipedia-type high authority sites.

Interlinking – Regular interlinking with your other post is necessary.

Google My Business – Strong backlink but you need a physical office.

These steps will take the time you need to continue it for 8 months. Later it will become your habit but.

YT channel – Create a YouTube channel in the same niche and start making videos regularly to get a good backlink. 

Inorganic traffic

Social media – For quick reach share your stuff on social media like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube.

Time to reach 1k website visitors per day

After practicing all the above exercises you can reach 1k visitors after 8 to 15 months or may take longer time to 3.5 years depending on your effort, niche, error solving, google updates and many more factors. 

Some people may reach 1k traffic per day organically within 6 months but they are only 5% out of 100 and you are not in 5%. 

Those who think that they are in 5% are actually rabbits. Remember fast rabbits often give up in between and lose the raise but slow and steady tortoise walks continuously and wins the battle one day.

So tight your liaise have a never-giving-up attitude like a tortoise and keep walking slowly but steadily. 

Fix your brain for 5 – 7 years no shortcuts are available here. In the debut test match after facing a couple of consecutive bouncers by Wasim Akram, Sachin Tendulkar said himself, welcome to the test match. With his continuous hard work and performance, he won the battle for many years. 

After 5 years of up and down blogging journey I am saying it’s a bouncer welcome to the blogging era! Don’t worry you can make a bright future with the help of consistency even now few people are in the race.

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