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Do you know what is blogging and how to start it? If not don’t worry this blog helps understanding it and the necessary steps given to start a blog for beginners.

At the moment you are consuming content on our website. The content you are reading is a blog post and creating content on a website is blogging. 

What is blogging and how to start it from the scratch

Before understanding blogging you need to understand what is a blog post. A person/company creates a written content and publishes it on the website is called a blog post. When the blog posts are published regularly it is called blogging. These blog posts are published on a website called blog website. 

Currently you are reading the content on a blog website and daddyblogs is a blogging website example. 

If a person starts writing about sports, especially cricket. They continuously published content on a website that will be known as a micro blogging website. 

A person or company can start a blog website. When a person starts a blog website it is called a personal blog website where he/she shares their personal experiences of any field. They can share about education, sports clothing, shoes, anything else.

In simple words blogging is a form of writing on the internet through websites. To start a blogging website is needed and apart from writing one can upload YouTube videos, pdf files, and other stuff on the website.

Blog post 

When you search something on the internet on any web browser including google, internet explorer, bing etc. Some results appear on your mobile or desktop screen in written and video forms. The results appearing in written form are blog posts written on the websites, videos are mostly youtube videos.

For example if a person searches for the best website design company near me and some results appear on the desktop/mobile. On the top of these results https or www. company name written which is a website. You click on them and get appropriate information that is a blog post. 

Most people think these information (blog posts) are written by google, machines or some big companies. They are wrong because the information in the form of blog posts are written by ordinary human beings like you and me.

Hope you understand what blogging is! Now let’s explore how to start blogging from scratch.

How to start blogging 

To start blogging you need only two things: domain and hosting. Let’s understand the both of them one by one.


Domain is a website name and you have to book it from a domain name providing platform such as namecheap. Every website has a different domain name. Two websites cannot have exactly the same name although they may have similar names. 

For example you cannot find another daddyblogs.in in the entire world because it is booked by us. However you may find daddybloggingtea.in/.com/.org etc. Here you can see the name is similar but not the same. 

Like this you need to search a name suitable to a business, shop or of your choice then buy it. Domain names are booked first then hostings are purchased without booking domain names you cannot purchase hosting.


Hosting provides servers to the websites. Servers are required for websites to show them on the internet without server websites can’t be searched. Every website has some server spaces and these server spaces are provided by hosting companies which is called hosting.

Hope domain and hosting is clear now you can understand why domain and hosting are important to create a website.

After selecting a website name, purchasing a domain and hosting you need to design a website. WordPress is one of the best platforms which allows easy designing without coding. If you are not comfortable then you can hire a web designer or developer to get the work done for you. 

They will easily design your website but they will also ask to book a domain name on your own because you need to select the name of your choice and purchase hosting. GreenGeeks is one of the best hosting provider that has great live chat support 24×7.   

A web designer can design your website only after you have domain name and hosting services. You can send some samples of other websites and tell them to design the websites similar to your samples. Like this you can get a brand new website in 3 to 5 days.

After designing a website, create content on a regular basis and publish them on websites. Like this you can start blogging from scratch. 

When you approach web designers or developers they might give you some helpful offers after website creation. 

Benefits of starting blog website

There are lots of benefits of starting blog websites. Blog websites can be easily monetized through ad networks like AdSense for monthly income. Websites provide affiliate marketing options in which you have to sell other people’s products such as software’s, physical, digital and services. You get some percentage of commission for every sale. 

Blogs are helpful for brand building and awareness. You can start a brand new company and promote through blogs by writing the content about your company or product. You can sell a product online through websites by integrating payment gateway such as razorpay.

Offers after website creation

  • Some offers after website creation from us are:
  • Google analytics configuration – To track daily traffic, country.
  • Google search console configuration – All website data.
  • Help you to solve some basic errors for 3 months.
  • Monthly error report for 3 months.
  • 30 minute free consultation call 2 days in a month, for 6 months.
  • For old websites new design and migration services.
  • Old website redesign and all the data transfers to the new website (for old websites).
  • If you have a free website on wordpress.com or blogspot.com all the data transfers to the new website and new design. 
  • All the offers given above will be the same for old websites as well.


What is blogging business?

Writing blogs and  monetizing them through ad networks for monthly earnings.

What is blogging website?

A website that provides information and contains content including written, video, audio, PDF etc.

What is blogging website example?

Daddyblogs is a blogging website in which you are reading the content

What is website blog or portfolio?

Portfolio is the work profile of bloggers, web designers, social media agencies etc in which they mention how many blog posts they have written or how many websites they have created.

What is personal blog website?

Personal blog website is started by an individual where he/she creates content on their own.

What is micro blogging website?

Specific website about specific subjects. For example, a tree farming website in agriculture is a microblogging website where information about only trees is given.

What is a blog website used for?

A blog website is being used for writing content.

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